Colorful Calligraphy

書道 山口裕子さん
美術/音楽 AoMurasaki
撮影 2017.10.7
【Fluid Painting】Test work “Colorful Calligraphy” technique. 【Fluid Art】【Moving Colors】

Test work on improvisational painting technique by Fluid Painting.
Calligraphy: Yuko Yamaguchi
Art Direction / Music: AoMurasaki
Shooting date 2017.10.7

Fluid Painting (Fluid Art) is a technique of flowing paint mainly using acrylic paint.
I have been thinking myself since 1999 and making a lot of works.
In the United States and Europe etc, the Fluid Painting technique
which mixed synthetic resin has become popular in recent years,
This is a video of trial and error trying to expand the range of techniques.

Fluid Paintingによる即興絵画技法のテストワーク。
書道:Yuko Yamaguchi
Art Direction / Music:AoMurasaki
撮影日 2017.10.7

Fluid Painting (フリュイド・ペインティング)とは主にアクリル塗料を使用した絵の具を流す技法です。
アメリカやヨーロッパなどでは、この数年、合成レジンを混ぜたFluid Painting技法が大きく流行していますが、
Atelier AoMurasaki
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Fluid artist
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Author: AoMurasaki